Stretcher Mixed Reality technology, This Prototype Realization Magic Leap?

Magic Leap may not have been so echoed in the universe startup. But for the record, startup with valuations of $ 4.5 billion it has received funding from several large companies, namely Google, Fidelity, Alibaba to Warner Bros.

So, what is the main goal of Magic Leap in the realm of technology? Magic Leap actually has the main objective in the development of Mixed Reality technology.

Magic Leap

In addition they also dwell on the development of the hologram, laser, and an actual machine can not be commercialized. Therefore, the company never released products, including demos of the technology carried.

So far, Magic Leap also not wafted detail how these technologies will be used. However recently revealed pictures Mixed Reality prototype device that is claimed artificial Magic Leap.

Pictures of the prototype was leaked via Business Insider page from unnamed sources. The prototype has a shape like a backpack with a number of panels and electrical components.

As reported by Gizmodo pages Magic Leap has not confirmed whether the true prototype of their claim. To be sure, Magic Leap is already reportedly working on a prototype of the device Mixed Reality with the code name "PEQo".

Magic Leap will hold an executive meeting next week to discuss the development of the 'product' they till. The plan, this product is intended for consumer needs.