The Call Kill Donald Trump Resound On Twitter

Since 15 days after the official inauguration into President of the United States (US), Donald Trump directly attacking some of the policies he has snapping during the campaign period.

One of them is banned citizens from immigration of seven Muslim-majority countries to come to the United States. Step Trump turned out great controversy from some parties.

Donald Trump

Netizen hatred against Trump also
guerrilla linimasa cyberspace, including Twitter. In fact, not a few of those who wanted the number one in the land of Uncle Sam to die.

Most nudge contains a call to kill Trump, even sarcastic tone nudge, the number has reached tens of thousands of posts on the blog.

As reported by the Daily Mail institutions Dataminr analysis Inc. is able to collect data statistic that shows 12 thousand tweets on Twitter about the call to kill Trump. Total chirp is obtained since Trump sworn in on January 20, 2017.

"I'm really tired of the antics Trump, even though he had recently been appointed president. Perhaps no one can kill him now, please? "Cooed @deathsmells account.

"It's got nothing to form a special group and killed, seriously," cooed another user, @ Lesliee24.Suddenly, thousands of nudge that calls to 'kill' Trump spotlight the Secret Service, the US President's security officer. Reportedly, some netizens who
make babble this call has been arrested at his home by the Secret Service.

One was a female netizen who live in the region of Kentucky. He was arrested for spreading hatred nudge considered.

"If someone had been considered cruel as to kill MLK (Martin Luther King), there may be kind enough to kill Trump ?," read
nudge his.

In addition to the woman, there was also a man from Ohio, USA named Zachary Benton arrested because besides
make babble call to kill Trump, he also mencuit threat quite troubling for US President.

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