The Fall in Value Rose Token and Gold in World of Warcraft Blizzard Impact on Economy

Some time ago, there has been one thing that excited in the economic sector in World of Warcraft (WoW). Because, on February 6, 2017, Blizzard allowed gamers to WoW Tokens can turn into balance.
This makes the fluctuation of the value of tokens, WoW gold, and also now very many gamers who spend their time farming gold.
Previously already been discussed regarding changes in WoW Tokens into balance is then also taken up by Blizzgamers Indonesia.
Warcraft Blizzard
Due to such a system, it is now a lot of gamers are using bots to farming and not a few gamers who ignore the quest for the sake of doing farming gold. balance can be used to purchase other products from Blizzard like Hearthstone cards, loot box Overwatch, and the character and cosmetics in Heroes of The Storm.
Since the system is applied, it can be said that there is now no longer the time to talk about the economy of World of Warcraft, Blizzard but the economy as a whole.
Now gamers much more into account any gold that is obtained and used. This is because gold in WoW has to be said as real money. Manage gold WoW so it feels like managing real money.
Fluctuation of prices on WoW Tokens choppy especially on the first day. Possible prices will remain stable and will change at any time depending on the event that there are other Blizzard games.
The system changes like this will certainly give a big impact to the Blizzard ranging from profit he can from WoW redeem Tokens into balance.
Roughly it can be said that the gamers looking for gold in WoW is actually to be given back to Blizzard. This method is really interesting and it looks like their income has increased rapidly since then.