The Majority of People Value Selfie It Was as Self Promotion

Two of researchers from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München doing interesting research regarding selfie. The researchers, namely Sarah Diefenbak and Lara Christoforakos, publish research in the journal Frontiers in Psychology. As quoted from The Next Web.

The study entitled "The Selfie Paradox: Nobody Seems to Like Them Yet Everyone Has Reasons to Take Them" that involved 238 people as respondents. 77 percent of them said they had a number of selfies least once a month and 49 percent said they received a selfie photo at least once a week.


Then 2 percent of respondents said they would have liked to see a little more selfie photo circulating on social media timeline them. Many also agree with the statement about the negative consequences of selfie. They think selfie may have an adverse effect on self-image and the image raises a person's shallow inauthentic.

Another fact that is no less surprising is that 90 percent of respondents selfies others as self-promotion, but only 46 percent say their own selfies else like that.
The figures above show that most people are enjoying the activities selfie, but who really liked it a little.

The survey was held online research to find out what people think about selfie. Respondents came from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Therefore, the researchers also acknowledge the possibility of Eurocentric bias in this study. They said that other cultures have a more accepting attitude towards selfie and it will require further research.

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