Too Often Selfie Photos, Signs of a Psychopath?

A study revealed that the hobby took alias Selfie selfie photo was potentially a devastating impact to the user's behavior, one of the symptoms mentioned are psychopaths.

In a report published pages Telegraph the researchers said that selfie photo enthusiasts tend to anti-social and lack of empathy.
Interestingly, the results also suggest a tendency to post photos selfie proven many do men who are active in social media.
Selfie Photos

The level of anti-social and less empathy in selfie addicts were included in the category of psychopath. Even so, the researchers psychopath is not a psychopath that leads to the killing or taken captive as they are shown in the film show.

Study on the impact of the psychological addiction selfie photo was done by a group of researchers from Ohio State University, USA. The study involved 800 men aged between 18-40 years who filled out a survey on social media output and psychological questionnaire to establish personality traits.

"Not surprisingly, many men who post photos selfie and spend more time to edit the picture to make it look more narcissistic," said Jesse Fox, Assistant Professor of Communication who also belong to the core research team.

Furthermore, Fox also explains the tendency of men who prefer posting selfie photo psychopaths could be considered more than edit the picture before on-post.

"Psychopaths are characterized by impulsive. They will take a photo and immediately put it online. They want to see themselves without spending the time to change the picture," said Fox again.

Results of the study also mentions that these properties will cause further problems. The researchers suggest treating addiction selfie before impact worse.

"We know that self objectification can lead to bad things, such as depression and appetite disorders in women," the conclusion of the research report.

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