Two Executive Board Flee From SoundCloud

Earlier this year arguably less fortunate for SoundCloud. Web-based music streaming services and apps that have just abandoned COO (Chief Operating Officer) and one of the directors of finance.

Business Insider quoted by The Financial Times The second figure is the COO Marc Strigel and Vice President of Finance Mark Harder. Strigel joined SoundCloud in 2011, while Harder followed in 2012.


The company is headquartered in Berlin it had been confirmed that two of the tops have been non-active as of February 2017. No further explained the reason they choose to move out of the service that is synonymous with this orange color.

SoundCloud has its ups and downs the company's business over the last few months. In fact, they had reportedly almost acquired by a number of big companies like Google and Spotify.

The news about Spotify plans to buy SoundCloud actually been heard since September 2016. In fact, the two companies have already entered the negotiation process.

However, the plan ran aground in the middle of the road because Spotify felt that purchase may be adversely affected as they plunge into the stock market. SoundCloud condition itself is called a diameter of less well in recent months.

Service Swede was increased valuations, so some investors are concerned with the growth of the company. One company that also invests in SoundCloud.

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