Uber CEO Out of the Council of Economic Advisers Donald Trump

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick decided to get out of the council of economic advisers of US President Donald Trump amid growing pressure from activists and employees who oppose immigration policy. Criticism even came from Uber driver, which many of them are immigrants.
Uber CEO

"Joining the group (council of economic advisers Trump) does not necessarily support the policy of the president. But unfortunately, it has been misinterpreted," said Kalanick.

Proclaimed Reuters Kalanick convey it through a memo that was sent via email to all staff Uber.

In a lengthy memo, he said that there are many ways to continue to advocate to change immigration policies. Kalanick regard, executive orders have hurt a lot of people in existing communities across America.

Furthermore, Kalanick also have spoken to Trump about immigration policy will have a negative impact. He also has told Trump that he would not join the business advisory board.

Previously, Kalanick criticized by some parties for joining the advisory board of Trump. He was even accused of giving support to the anti-immigrant policies. DeleteUber was spread on social media.

In a statement, Kalanick denies the charge. "Immigration policy that will impact many innocent people," said Kalanick.

He added that the company will provide compensation to the driver stranded abroad during the next three months.

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