Virtual Assistant Samsung Galaxy S8 Not How Smart Predictions?

Samsung is reported to have prepared a number of brand-new features for the latest smartphone Galaxy S8. One of the features mentioned will be featured is integrated with the virtual assistant app

Speculation previously mentioned virtual assistant named Bixby will be developed based on the technology Viv Labs, the company that Samsung acquired some time ago. Viv Labs is the company behind the development of silence.

But the latest report says that virtual assistants will not be based technology Viv Labs. Wall Street Journal said, Bixby is an update version of the Samsung S Voice voice assistant.

Although not yet ascertained the truth, two assistant sound was clearly have different abilities. As quoted by The Verge capability S Voice is actually quite limited and not widely used Samsung users.

Different conditions found in Viv whose capacity is quite good. When demo some time ago, Viv can give a response to complex questions. To do so, Viv can access information from a third party service.

For information, issues previously mentioned Bixby will have similar capabilities. In fact, the news had spread Bixby capability would be smarter than Apple because virtual assistants claimed to integrate with native applications Samsung.

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