Vivo Reason Enduring with Smartphone Selfie

As is known, Vivo has just launched its latest smartphone for the smartphone market, the V5 Plus. Just like its predecessor, the smartphone is still intended for selfie enthusiasts.

Vivo itself is not without reason they choose a smartphone with camera capabilities ahead qualified for the re-released. According to Brand Manager Vivo Mobile Indonesia Edy Kusuma, selfie smartphone market is not denied somewhat large.


"Selfie has become a global phenomenon and in accordance with Vivo tagline is 'Camera Music', then we are consistent to release the product by featuring a camera feature.

In addition, the need for selfie smartphones also continue to grow in the community. Moreover, the millennial generation is now known to express themselves by doing selfie.

Habits that indirectly can improve self-actualization psychologically, so that selfie smartphone market itself is not at saturation point. For the whole 2017, Vivo is still focus on the smartphone camera and music.

"Today, with the development of the digital world, including social media, making people often express themselves. Therefore, mobile photography is still a potential market for us," he continued.

Vivo seriousness to work on camera phones is also demonstrated by the possibility of the plan to open a research and development center in Japan. According to Edy, the land of the Rising Sun was known to excel in terms of camera technology.

"We're thinking of building a Research and Development to study the technology in the camera can be applied in smartphones," he said. Research and development center Vivo itself now in Silicon Valley, San Diego, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Chang'an.

Edy also did not rule out the possibility Vivo can build research and development centers in Indonesia. However, the condition must foresee the development of markets in Asia Pacific.

"It is possible that, but look at the conditions first. Therefore, Indonesia would become a base for Vivo in the Asia Pacific region," he concluded.

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