Welcomes Valentine's Day, Huawei P9 Red Appear Beautiful

Lately, the use of color has been used extensively in a variety of warning or momentum of the industry, including business, fashion, automotive, and technology.

Color plays an important role in human life, can help in reminds us of the place, time, or our favorite tradition, even shape the way we perceive things. One color that is inherent in a particular momentum can be seen as well in the coming days, where people will be crowded presence of a variety of products shades of red to enliven Valentine's Day.

Red as the color of the most powerful in the culture in a number of countries, is a symbol of the values ​​of optimism, energetic, even luxury. In addition to the common values ​​that are known to the public, there is one characteristic of red sticky, which symbolizes love and affection.

Huawei P9 Red

Inspired by the essence of the color red is also in tune with the values ​​of Huawei as a brand, to celebrate the Valentine, Huawei Huawei has designed a limited edition Red P9.

"Huawei is a passion and commitment to always design the highest quality products inspired by many things and make it come true.

"Another innovation we have designed all seriousness is red with a smartphone produced only limited welcome the celebration of Valentine's Day," said Ma further.

As is known, Huawei P9 has "deadly weapon" that warrant concern by competitors, namely dual lens sensors are the result of "concoction" with Leica, the world's leading camera company based in Germany.

Where as in the past most of the dual lens sensors are used among other things to change the focus, not the case with Huawei's dual lens sensors in P9. This is explained by Aditya Raflein, Digital Marketing Manager at Huawei Device Indonesia.

"Dual lens sensors in Huawei P9 the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and monochrome. Two of these sensors baseball respective work, but together create
produce the same photo.

Some excellent features more P9 camera Huawei is the availability of many modes to produce images that can normally only be generated by DSLR cameras such as tail light, light graffiti, silky water, track star, and others.

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