Will Google Content Production Special Children

Google plans to produce a special children's content, which will be available on his video service, YouTube. This content production, as quoted from Fortune will involve community content creators on YouTube. The plan Google will offer four series content.

Google will begin rolling out the first series of the content on this spring, which will be available to subscribers YouTube Red.

Glance about Red YouTube, Google launched subscription service ad-free streaming of this in 2015. Service with a subscription rate of US $ 9.99 per month for the first time show original content in 2016.

The announcement is part of the celebration of the second anniversary of the YouTube app Kids, who has pocketed more than 30 billion views to date and more than eight million active viewers every week.

In a blog post, YouTube said the children's original program was created primarily inspired by the YouTube app Kids. Google also revealed YouTube Kids app will soon be available for download in a variety of smart TVs made by LG and Samsung.

For your information, YouTube has released over 20 original programs in 2016 for Red YouTube. One of the creators of the content it involves the most expensive Swedish PewDiePie.

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