Xiaomi Prepare Strategies Mobile Strategies to Face Illegal in Indonesia

Favored some communities in Indonesia make many people bring 4G smartphone Xiaomi illegally in Indonesia. These phones are sold without a formal guarantee in several online stores Indonesia. 

But now, Xiaomi has officially announced it has partnered with local manufacturers to produce 4G smartphone in Indonesia. So what steps to repel attacks Xiaomi phones are coming illegally without meeting the regulatory content from local industry (DCL)?

In an exclusive interview session along with Senior Vice President Wang Xiang Xiaomi he replied that by obeying the rules DCL for 4G mobile phone, it will automatically create Mi Fans chose to buy a mobile phone than the official warranty unofficial.

"We solve the problem of illegal Xiaomi phones to comply with regulations DCL. In meeting the DCL, we are working hard with partners in Indonesia, PT Erajaya Swasembada, PT Sat Nusapersada, and TSM Technologies," said the man touted as the replacement for Hugo Barra.

Agreeing with Wang, COO Erajaya Johan Sutanto said that the presence of the official warranty Xiaomi phone is certainly its own selling points. "If we compare with Xiaomi Xiaomi phones are black market, the price is very competitive, especially the official warranty," said Johan.

Furthermore, it also appealed to Mi Fans prefer buying official Xiaomi phone. Both said, the government is also expected to help overcome Xiaomi phones are sold informally.

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