3 New Games That Will Make You Challenged

Think about the game a lot of tablets. Yeah, judging one by one which may be in good taste. Some think someone was nice because the game easier for him. Sometimes there are people who prefer games that are difficult to be challenged in taste.

If you see day to day increase in games in the Play Store app. This may make the gamers can always play a new game. Here we have summarized three games that can be challenged in his plays.

3 New Games That Will Make You Challenged 

3 New Games That Will Make You Challenged

1. No Escape

Perhaps from some people who play this game. Probably not very similar to the 'Flappy Bird'. Ie games that rely on birds to the starship. In When you play it you only need to press the screen to fly as far as possible is not. However, he also inserted with experience and more challenging and very rewarding.

2. Gravity Ball

Further from the earlier discussion. Game Gravity Ball is a puzzle game makes you addicted when playing this game. Game was created with the display set to the outer space. And you are playing this game you will be playing with little glowing green ball is lost in an asteroid field. Every now and then you may need to find a way to end the portal by manipulating gravity.

3. Postknight

Game Postknight is a role-playing game that made it simple to play with one hand. In this game you will play the role of a knight or a delivery boy who had a delivery and will not allow criminals or wolf standing in the street. During the trip you will get various tables of coins that you get from custody. After the ride ends you will return to the city where you will do things like upgrade weapons and equipment.