5 Other Functions Airplane Mode Mandatory You Go

Other functions Airplane Mode - Airplane Mode in smartphones (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry) certainly have a lot to know. Airplane Mode or Flight mode is provided for smartphone users who want to keep using their devices without the fear of disrupting air communication systems during flight.
But in addition to safety, know ye that the Airplane Mode has another function that actually we can use our time on the ground (not flying). Approximately anything else Airplane Mode function that you can use on land? Here is the full review:

5 Other Functions Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode

1. Save Battery

When we know the rest of our battery a little bit but we had to call someone a few moments later, then we can use Airplane Mode to help conserve battery life. By activating the function, then the background processes in the system will stop smartphone or tablet.

2. Accelerate Recharging Batteries

Not many people know if Airplane Mode can also help the process of recharging the battery (Charging). If you are in a hurry to immediately smartphone battery is charged, then you can turn on Airplane Mode while connecting the power cord.
When Airplane mode is active, all connections such as Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and location will be switched off. So that the battery is not aspirated to do a lot of activities in addition to refill, so the battery will be quickly filled.

3. Avoiding Interference

Smartphone sometimes be one of the bullies that could distract the moment we're concentrating or driving. This is due to noise or vibration notifications issued, either from incoming SMS messages, phone calls, or notification of other chat applications.

The best way to avoid interference smartphone while driving is to turn on Airplane Mode. With active Airplane Mode, there will be a notification sign that might be bothering you.

4. Strengthen Signals

You get the feeling that the network is not that great? You can activate Airplane Mode feature. When Airplane mode is active, he will break all the networks connected to your smartphone. When Airplane Mode is disabled again, your smartphone will automatically search for new networks.

5. Accelerate Android

One cause is with many Android slow data traffic in and out of our Android. When Airplane mode is active, all data traffic will be turned off so as to make the smartphone will be back soon.