5 Smartphone Camera Sensor Prove It Made Sony Indeed the Best

Starting from the latest production of the camera did you know aja SONY Sony brand has been very good and there is no equal. Judging from the large electronic manufacturers world average use sensor technology from Japan. From this also has to be seen as Japan is also a highly advanced state of their technology in the field.

And also electronic products, especially smartphones using artificial sensors SONY result must not ever lose the tablets of the brand artificial sensors from other smartphones. And for we will explain to you the 5 best camera is the camera that actually uses artificial sony camera sensor technology.

1. VIVO V5


This smartphone was created by resoulusi 20 MP camera. Smartphone arguably his home-made camera sensor from SONY Loh. Vivo V5 expressed using SONY series IMX376 camera sensor that can make shots the results of the picture so clear and nice and very sharp. How did you get interested in this V5 Vivo smartphone?

2. Asus Zenfone AR

Asus Zenfone AR
Not only vivo v5 who use Sony products to the camera sensor. Asus also seems to wear produku Sony's camera sensor. Sony IMX318 camera sensor on Asus Zenfone AR with a resolution of 23 MP.

3. Xiaomi Mi 5s

Xiaomi Mi 5s
Although different countries of origin Tingkok products made smartphone Xiaomi also apparently uses lens technology from Sony that comes from Japan. Xiaomi Mi 5s expressed using Sony IMX378 camera sensor with a resolution of 16 MP with an aperture size of f / 2.0.

4. Moto G5 Plus

Moto G5 Plus

Smartphones that were introduced at the Mobile World Congress in 2017 stated that they also use artificial sony camera sensor. Moto G5 Plus make their smartphone with a 12 MP camera resolution stated that the brand Moto G5 Plus carries sony camera sensor is IMX362 with PDAF and an aperture of f / 1.7.

5. Pixel XL

Pixel XL
This smartphone is smatphone artificial ones from Google also claimed using artificial camera sensor sony. Smartpohne known Pixel camera Sony IMX378 XL carries on its rear camera. Besides its front camera using sony camera series IMX179 sensor or sensors are used also in the back of the smartphone camera Nexux in 2013 ago.

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