7 Learning Site Hacking For Free

Who the hell people do not learn about hacking. Probably could have everyone wanting to learn in this regard. Well, you could say it possible to learn the science of hacking is not as easy as in word. Maybe learning there is definitely its not hard. There could be happen desire we always right in what we want to learn.

In the world there are two kinds of hacking. First, we call the Ethical Hacking or White Hat. Second, Unethical or Black Hat. Well, from here also can be said that this type of unethical is kind of hacking is illegal, and Ethical Hacking is legal. So here I will explain 7 to learn hacking sites for free.


HackDay can be said the best sites to learn hacking. Why? Because on this site they are serving a variety of tutorial articles to hacking and network. In addition to studying hacking, this site also gives details about the hardware and software to perform the hack.

2. Evilzone Forum

Evilzone Forum
Indeed, if we see one by hacking sites that much. But if we find a site that is free and that quality is not all too little free hacking sites are not qualified. And here the site called Evilzone Forum will be up to its name. In hacking this site you will get the information from this forum. That information hacking and cracking. For those of you who want to learn and try let's do it now. And you need to know that you are required to become a member in this site. How are you ready to be a hacker greatest.

3. HackThisSite

HackThisSite commonly referred to HTS. Learn hacking sites is highly qualified and free. Yes, you can use the site to a place to learn the science of hacking. As presented on the site hacking is related to news and information about major hacking case and various tutorials around hackers. So for those of you who want to directly learn hacking you can directly monitor on this site.

4. Break The Security

Break The Security

If you want to know about the hacking updated every day so as not to miss the information on this website they provide. For this site they provide news hacking, hacking attacks, and also runs hacking tutorials. Even in this website you can find a variety of useful programs to be a very good hacker.

5. EC-Council – CEH Ethical Hacking Course

EC-Council – CEH Ethical Hacking Course
International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is a professional organization which is also known as the body of professional certificates. Which means you can choose a course to learn hacking and got the certificate if passed. Lessons provided in this site is not random tables. On this site they provide a very complete lessons about ethical hacking and network security training program.

6. Hack In The Box

Break The Security

Hack In The Box is a quality learning site hacking. Why? Because they present all the news and activities of the security of the hacker underground. On this site you will also get all sorts of hacking information about Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Programming. Also on this site discussion forum tablets. Join us now not later. If you do not want the latest information from here.

7. SecTools

SecTools actually an abbreviation of security tools. Learn hacking sites that are highly qualified and very nice. They are intended to provide significant tricks of the main network.Functionsecurity is that you can intercept or counter the actions surrounding the safety of the network. In addition, the site also offers a variety of security tools complete with a detailed description.

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