Acer Aspire V7 Ultrabook - Latest Gaming Notebook With Intel Haswell Chip

Acer re-introduce an ultrabook that has a specification that is fairly well established by Launching device called Aspire V7, the company's technology not only uses Haswell processors from Intel, but also Nvidia graphics card.
Acer Aspire V7 Ultrabook notebook is specifically for those who like games with carrying a specification that is qualified with at power by a quad core i7 4500U fourth generation (Haswell), with the support of Nvidia GeForce GT750M graphics card with 4GB capacity. So it can be sure to be able to devour all games with large size and ready to pamper you the lover gamers.
Acer Aspire V7 Ultrabook
Acer's latest Ultrabook combines the Haswell processor and graphics card from Nvidia, the Aspire V7 also equipped with 12GB of RAM capacity, as well as the data storage medium is fairly big approximately 1TB. So you need not worry if you need more space adequate space in the acer latest ultrabook.
Based on the information that is circulating, the Taiwanese company is planning be valued Aspire V7 approximately US$1300. Previous Acer has also revealed some updates to its product line as a series S7, M, V3, V5, and E.