Aiek E1 - Mobile Credit Card Size

During this time many emerging smartphone latest smartphone. They compete for consumers by creating a smartphone with a variety of interesting features. But the consumer is already somewhat saturated with models that are more or less evenly between the smartphone with other smartphones.

But this time it appears the phone is outside of the usual. This phone is named Aiek E1 has an OLED screen and has the size as a credit card. This phone has a thinness of only 6.5mm and of course very convenient to carry anywhere.
Aiek E1
This phone does not use Android or iOS operating system, which means that this phone does not use any operating system. It does not support Apple Pay, Pay Android or other smartphone-based payment services.
In box E1 Aiek purchase only the manuals, and micro USB 2.0 cable to recharge the battery of this phone. For battery life, this phone is using a battery with a capacity of 320mAh, but can last for 3 days.
Mobile Aiek E1 can run on both GSM and CDMA networks because it has a dual-SIM can be active but not both. Also this phone is also equipped with Bluetooth can be paired with a Bluetooth headset. This phone is priced less than 10 USD, or about as quoted from