Apple Wins Appeal in Patent Dispute in China

Apple got good news related to patent dispute with a Chinese company. Last Friday, a Beijing court overturned the verdict of the Beijing Intellectual Property Bureau in May 2016 stating that Apple had infringed a patent the design of a small company in China-and bankrupt-named Shenzhen Baili.

Dispute originated when the design model of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus claimed duplicate smart phones 100C-owned Shenzhen Baili which also has a curved corner. When sued, the company is just getting up and smart phones 100C when it's hard to find.

Initially, Apple asked to stop selling the iPhone 6 in Beijing, China. However deftly Apple appealed and was allowed to sell the product until further review by the courts.

Reporting from TechCrunch, Apple's losses incurred when it was small. The lawsuit is currently being reviewed by the court, Apple re-released their latest product the iPhone 7.

In a press conference after the decision last Friday, attorney Shenzhen Baili said it plans to appeal. While it until the news was revealed, the Apple can not be questioned.

Since the last year until now, Apple has been losing market share in China as more and more new competitors such as Xiaomi and brand BBK Electronics output the Oppo and Vivo. However, turnover obtained Apple still leads in the market.

Quoted from the report Montley Fool, "In 2016, Apple made a profit of remarkable, amounting to 79% of total industry profits worldwide smart phone market share of only 14.5%."

The latest development of decision-making Beijing Intellectual Property Bureau prove that regulations in China are not always in favor of the companies from this country. This decision also raises concerns about the protection policy towards local products.

Last spring, the court allowed manufacturers of leather products Xintong Tiandi use you to make bags with the brand "iphone" and "IPHONE" as a trademark in China. Xintong Tiandi has registered the trademark since 2007, while Apple sold in China until 2009. In addition, specifically, Apple did not register its brand in skin products.

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