ASUSPRO P2430U - Stylish Notebook To Members of the Executive

To support the daily activities, especially among executives who have high mobility would need a notebook that is reliable, compact, but certainly still has a stylish design. Notebook in general already has almost all of these factors. But for a high reliability factor, not much to offer.
"ASUS P2430 offers the reliability, performance, high mobility, and at the same time, still stylish and elegant," says Juliana Chen, Country Product Group Leader, ASUS Indonesia. "Not only that, the portable computing device is also equipped with the latest technologies to support its activities," he said.
In terms of performance, ASUSPRO Essential P2430U comes with the best performance using an Intel Core 6th generation. In addition to high performance, this series processors also offer better energy efficiency compared to previous versions. Users can also use the Nvidia GeForce 900 series graphics created based architecture Maxwell.
Unlike a notebook aimed at the corporate segment in general, ASUSPRO P2430U has a solid design, professional yet elegant. Posture is thin with a dark color cast will also support the needs of its style with high taste.
"With the hairline texture of brushed aluminum on the body of the notebook, ASUS still adds a layer of scratch-resistant coating on the LCD panel. The screen is also equipped with anti-glare feature so that the screen is more comfortable to the eye and not reflective and does not quickly make eyes tired.
Ergonomically designed notebook also features a one-piece Chiclet keyboard with precise button placement to provide comfort while working. With a travel distance of about 2,3mm, he will feel more stable when used. The thickness of only 2.3 to 2,6cm and weighs a relatively light, weighing only 1,95Kg (including a 4-cell battery) ensures the user can still easily carry this notebook wherever he goes.
The entire product line ASUSPRO Essential P2430U already using the latest processors from the Intel Core Intel 6th generation, ranging from Core i3 to i7. For graphics support, ASUS provides support graphics capable discrete graphics based on the Nvidia GeForce 920M. These graphics will greatly help professionals who are also a lot of work with multimedia.
DDR4 4GB of main memory installed can also be added capacity. A total of 2 slots available memory can hold up to 16GB of RAM. This capability ensures ASUSPRO Essential P2430U can support the productivity of mobile users, including when they want to complete the work in multitasking.
As the facility input / output, ASUSPRO Essential P2430U provides 4 USB ports. Above-average number of mainstream notebook port that has three or sometimes only two pieces. Interestingly, the three ports of which are USB 3.0 offers data transfer speeds 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Not only that, one USB 3.0 port also supports USB Charger + to enable the user to perform charging their gadgets.
As for segmentation corporate notebook, ASUS has been equipped with various safety features installed on hardware and systems. This security system can be set via the application ASUS Business Manager, by setting the security features.
You can lock the USB function with a password, so that others can not transfer or retrieve personal data from notebook ASUS P2430 without your permission. His hard drive can be in-lock using a password by enabling the HDD user password protection feature.