Ativ Book 9 Plus - Laptop Intel Core i5 13-inch QHD screen 3200x1800 pixels

Sector laptop now seems ready for the arrival of guests latest where this time the latest information emerging from one vendor gadget giant korea the samsung which introduced a variant latest laptop that was named Ativ Book 9 Plus. 

Which is a laptop latest series of family Ativ 9th a specification that is fairly well established and qualified plus supported also by features that are fairly complete.  

You currently have plans to buy a new laptop with a stylish design and specifications established? Maybe you can drop the choice of this laptop.
Ativ Book 9 Plus
Ativ Book 9 Plus comes with the Arm by vendors with a variety of supporting features that are reliable and also speisifkasi hardware that is so well established that allows users to feel comfortable and easily used by the user. Ativ Book 9 Plus comes with QHD + screen, 13-inch touch screen with a resolution of 3200 × 1800 pixels and comes with a display Gorrilla Glass plus Windows 8 operating system.

For specifications of the hardware was be regarded established, Ativ Book 9 Plus, at Arm with Intel Core i5 and i7 ULV, 512 GB Solid State Drive, as well as USD 3.0 connectivity, NFC, micro HDMI and mini VGA. Things you can see from the laptop Ativ Book 9 Plus this is when the laptop position change of the conditions on mode to sleep mode in just 8.7 seconds.

The interesting thing about this laptop is which offers two modes change in position of the device. The first mode position, rotation of the device with a wide range of 105-110 degrees. If opened in a normal position will lock the position of the laptop. In the second mode, if it is moved to the position of 180 degrees, the laptop will lie flat position.

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