Tips for Choosing the Best Gaming Laptop and Right

Currently, laptops are becoming multifunctional devices. At first, the laptop is only used for writing and internet access. The use of laptops is considered more practical than a computer or a PC. Along with the changing times, now laptops are also often used to play the game.   

For the gaming enthusiast, the use of laptop is considered more practical because it can be taken anywhere, especially for those who love online games. Just look for a wifi connection, then play the games online can be anywhere.

Though not all games can be played on a laptop. If only the game size below 10 MB is possible with a regular laptop, in terms of the standard specification, could have been played. However, this time fans of the game more like a game with a large size.  

Games with large size usually offer much of a challenge. If the game is played on a laptop with a standard specification, it can be harmful to the laptop itself. Possibly the worst laptop will be damaged.
Currently, to meet the needs of gaming enthusiasts, many laptop manufacturers that provide laptops with high specifications. The general requirements to be able to move the gaming laptop is heavy there at the processor, VGA, RAM and hard drive.  

Processor safe are manifold above the Quad Core with a large cache and its clock speed above 2 GHz. For VGA, it is recommended to use VGA Geforce or ATI Radeon brands with at least 1 GB of memory capacity. Then, the required manifold DDR3 RAM and a minimum capacity of 2 GB. Hard drive that used the bigger the better. Recommended laptop that has a hard drive capacity of at least 320 GB.

In addition, a good laptop for gaming is a laptop that does not heat faster. Laptops are fast heat will only interfere with the performance of the laptop itself and interfere with the game play. Finally, consider your budget. Gaming laptop is currently the most affordable price $375.  

Some recommendations include ASUS Notebook K45DR-VX039D, LENOVO IdeaPad G480 298, HP Pavilion 14-B035TX Sleekbook and ACER Aspire E1-471G.