Concorde Supersonic jet's Become Next

The potential return of supersonic flight got closer after Boom Technology, startups (start-up) flights receive funding of 33 million dollars to develop the jet 'Baby Boom'. The trip ended when commercial supersonic Concorde retire in 2003. At that time the Concorde could reach a maximum speed of 2,179 km per hour.

Boom Technology confidence plane crossing the Atlantic Ocean beyond the speed of sound, can become a reality again. Boom believe can design a jet that could fly at a speed of 2,335 km per hour so cut travel time New York to London are typically seven hours to 3 hours 30 minutes. Likewise, a trip from LA to Sydney are usually reached within 15 hours, shortened to 6 hours and 45 minutes.

Funds amounting to 33 million dollars collected from the Series A financing, including Y Combinator investment to complete the development and flight test a prototype XB-1 Baby Boom. The prototype aircraft only has room for the pilot, while the commercial version with a capacity of 44 passengers. Boom hopes homemade supersonic aircraft is ready to transport passengers in 2020.

"Imagine traveling across the Atlantic, completing business, and you can sneak into bed with the children. This saves time a two-day round trip to the Asian region, "said Blake Scholl, CEO and founder of Boom, in a release.

Scholl added to build a supersonic aircraft is "not easy - but it is important". "Looking back backwards, why someone set up a company to build aircraft komersial.Ini is a space that is technologically challenging, strict regulations, and capital intensive," he said. 

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