Digital Compact Camera of the Advanced Practical and Canon

Providing innovation and flexibility for the actors are fond of photography and capture precious moments, Datascrip, Canon digital camera distributor in Indonesia, introduced the two latest series of digital compact cameras. Canon IXUS camera series with 190 and IXUS 185 has the form of concise and practical operating system with the quality of the picture is better.
"The presence of the Canon IXUS 190 and IXUS 185 is equipped with the latest technology in it, such as Easy Auto mode, can provide users the ease of photographing a wide range of torque at an affordable price," said Marketing Manager of Canon Image Communication Products Division Datascrip Angelie Ivone. Canon IXUS 190 and Canon IXUS 185 has Easy Auto mode that will disable the Function Set button, menu, and info, so we can focus on taking pictures without worrying about settings menu, and so on.
Canon IXUS
In the body of the second compact digital compact cameras embedded image processor DIGIC 4+ and 20 megapixel CCD image sensor. This combination gives photo quality output that is sharp and bright. In addition, the technology ZoomPlus in Canon IXUS 190 and IXUS 185 can provide optimal range of magnification without sacrificing image quality.

Canon IXUS 190 and IXUS 185 each have optical zoom up to 10x and 8x magnification. With ZoomPlus technology, the range can be maximized up to 20x to 16x Canon IXUS 190 and Canon IXUS 185. In order to maintain the sharpness of the images when capturing moments from a distance, both cameras are also equipped with the latest Image Stabilizer (IS).
"Although both cameras are classified as compact cameras, picture quality can be relied upon to photograph various moments. Canon IXUS 190 users can instantly share the picture to social networks or send to friends, friends and family quickly and easily, "said Merry Harun, Canon Division Director Datascrip.

It expressed Merry is possible because the Canon IXUS 190 is equipped with a wireless device Wi-Fi and NFC. Users can connect the camera with a smartphone, printer, and computer. In addition, facilitating the delivery of photos and videos, or upload to social networks, such as Facebook and Flickr. With NFC, users can connect this camera to other devices using NFC and send the picture with ease.
Practicality of use Canon IXUS 190 and IXUS 185 more obvious with the user interface simple and intuitive. Both of these cameras can display the time stamp (Date Stamp), both the date and hour when shooting. It makes it easy to remember when taking photos without having to look at the photo's EXIF data. The presence of signs of time also makes it easier to perform the preparation of photo albums. (*)