Disney Crossy Road Finally Releases Official in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian version of Disney Crossy Road is already available officially in Indonesia, complete with a new multiplayer game mode!

After the huge success of its release in 39 countries since April 2016 ago, mobile gaming finally ready go Disney Crossy Road Southeast Asian region officially!
Published by go Game, the gaming company based in Singapore and is a subsidiary of SEGA, yesterday they've just released a version of Disney Crossy Road Southeast Asia for iOS and Android via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Disney Crossy Road
The plan will be one of four games goGame Disney that will be distributed to Southeast Asia.

Due to the launch of "late" until nearly a year compared to other regions, Southeast Asia Disney release Crossy Road presents a new feature, a multiplayer game mode. You will be able to compete to collect coins along with a friend while dodging the cars passing.

For you who may be less updates, Crossy Road is an arcade game with the theme of "crossing the street" like a game of Frogger old school. Yet packed with style plaid cute.

Originally endless platformer game has been released since 20 November 2014 last and only displays the characters in the form of animals. But because it is so popular, the developer, Hipster Whale, in collaboration with Disney and eventually gave birth to Disney Crossy Road.

In the spin-off title screen you'll find more than 300 Disney characters that you can control, ranging from series classics like Mickey, Donald, Goofy and his friends, Toy Story, until the new films kinds of Big Hero 6, Inside Out, Finding Dory, Zootopia, Moana and much more.

Not only characters, but also provided a level at least 19 variations based on various Disney world, complete with the special challenges that fit the theme as well as 8-bit-style song.

In addition to the competitive multiplayer features between the two players, the Southeast Asian version of Disney Crossy Road also provides leaderboards as multiplayer features to the social aspect. You can connect any game on your Facebook account, and look at the scores that have been obtained by a variety of players from all over the world.

Nowadays you can directly download Disney Crossy Road in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store via the link below. For more information and upcoming news about this game.