Donald Trump Place The Whisperer Technology in the White House

President Donald Trump is slowly filling an adviser at the White House with the people in the field of technology. A week after hiring Peter Thiel as chief technology division, according to three sources familiar with the case, Trump hired Matt Lira, digital parts Republican officials.
Lira Recode report will act as a special assistant to the president for policy innovation and initiative. He joined Kevin McCarthy where Lira help initiatives that focus on technology policy issues.
Donald Trump
One of the tasks Lira, for example, helped McCarthy to pass a bill that makes the technology engineer describes a brief statement to the task of the federal government - it is signed by Barack Obama in the final hours of his reign as president.
Lira himself did not respond to requests for comment, but an e-mail to his old place to mention that he left the area on March 17.
Prior to joining the GOP in July 2015, Lira served as head of the national committee Republican senator, who helped fund and choose a Republican candidate for the US Senate.

Lira has also served as senior adviser to former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and he worked as head of digital for Paul Ryan when Ryan ran as the vice presidential candidate in the 2012 presidential election.