Facebook Messenger Presents Direct Location Sharing

Facebook added a feature on the Messenger app allows users to share locations for direct and sustained for up to one hour, compete with devices offered by Apple Inc. and Google Maps Alphabet Inc's.

Companies find a phrase that is often used when conversing with friends and family in Messenger is "Being where?" or some variant of it, said Head of Product Messenger, Stan Chudnovsky, in an interview.

Facebook Messenger
"Once was about to say, about what is most interesting to them," Stan said, as quoted by Reuters news agency.

Share location information of its choice, but it can be done directly, so that when a user shares their location to a friend, that friend can see user movement for 60 minutes.

Messenger was once one of the core parts of the Facebook application on a mobile phone, but since 2014 the company was separating the chat feature and continue to make changes to create a separate service of social networking.

Facebook has been tested in Mexico around October last year and was ready when it did. But the company is working to fix it for five months in order to minimize the impact to battery life of the phone.

Chudnovsky said that Facebook saw is used for convenience features coordinate with friends and other security purposes. The update will be available globally by the company.

Google Maps last week said adding similar features directly to improve the product's user engagement.

The proximity of the announcement of additional features that tell Facebook "that we do the right thing" by Chudnovsky.

Application messages on Apple's iPhone also has such features.

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