Facebook Stories Can Be Enjoyed Starting in iOS and Android

After launching Stories like Snapchat on Instagram, WhatsApp and even Messenger, Facebook is now presenting the feature in its mobile applications platform.

"We want to make it fast, fun and easy for people to share photos and video creative with whomever they choose, for as long as they want - and the more we share with each other, our communities become more open and connected," said Facebook's official page.

"We began to launch a new camera with effects and two additional ways to share photos and videos you take," said Facebook.

From this week on iOS and Android, users can press the camera icon in the upper left corner of the Facebook app or swipe left News Feed to try a new camera in the application.

Camera for Facebook Stories feature packed with dozens of effects such as masks, frames and interactive filters such as snowfall, which you can apply to photos and videos.

"We've also partnered with the brand to create a mask movie" Alien: Covenant "," Despicable Me 3 "," Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 "," Power Rangers "," Smurfs: The Lost Village "and" Wonder Woman "," Facebook said.

In addition, Facebook also includes a visual filter of artist Douglas Coupland and Hattie Stewart will regularly be updated.

"Users Instagram shows that the share things missing in the 24 hours it was fun, so that in the main application Facebook we also introduced the Facebook Stories, which lets you share multiple photos and videos as part of a collection of visual addition to the News Feed," wrote Facebook.

"Your friends can view photos or videos from your Stories for 24 hours, and Stories will not appear in your timeline or in your News Feed, unless you also upload them there," said Facebook.

In addition to sharing Stories, Facebook also added Direct feature for sharing photos and videos with certain friends and mutually reciprocated message.

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