Google Launches Android OS O, this 4's New Features

Google has just released a preview of the latest operating system (OS) them, Android O, which is a continuation of Nougat, for the developers some time ago. OS was considered would make the device easier to use by the consumer Android.

Quoted from the Guardian on Friday, Google made a new approach to applications running in the background so it will affect the battery life of mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

Android O will automatically limit the applications running in the background on three areas: service background, location updates and broadcasts implicit (implicit broadcast).

Three areas were often spent battery because it requires great power. In the future, developers will be restricted to use the background. For example, the location, only to be updated several times within a few hours while the service background - an ongoing program such as checking the mailbox when the user is wearing other applications - automatically shut down after a short time.

Starting from O, Android developers can categorize their notification in the "Channels", allowing applications to give more control over how users receive notifications.

For example, a news app offers notifications for breaking news and reply comments. Users can scoop sound, vibration and notifications when the screen is locked via the notifications menu.

Android O will also introduce the snooze button notification and also some of these updates:

1. Autofill API
Users can store personal data in certain applications, such as using a password manager, and then automatically fill in the other platforms.

2. Display picture-in-picture
Users can watch video while using other apps on tablets and mobile phones.

3. Bluetooth audio codecs
The audio quality is better when using headphones like MDR-1000X from Sony.

4. Pairing
Android users who pair with the keyboard, it will become easier navigation using arrow buttons and tabs.

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