Google Translate Mobile Back are Accessible in China

A new version of Google's translation application, Wednesday, March 29, 2017, back available in China and can be accessed without the need to wear a device to avoid censorship. This phenomenon also fueled speculation that the Internet giant was looking to improve their relations with Beijing.

Google shut down the website them in 2010, moving their search service from mainland China to Hong Kong in a dispute related to cyber attacks and censorship, as well as most of its services are still blocked by Beijing.

Google Translate
Residents of China for several years can use Google Translate version of the web-based, but for mobile applications require the use of the virtual private network (VPN) in order to get around the "Great Firewall", the system of online censorship in China.

"Today, we released the 5.8 version of the Google Translate app for Android and iOS apps and add instant visual translation between English and Korean," said Google's announcement on their blog posts.

Google provides a link to download Android saying that iPhone users can search the Apple application store.

They did not explain the reason for such applications can be accessed again and a Google spokesman declined to comment, as reported by AFP.

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