Google Wifi Start Sale in the UK, this Price

Google announced it would release a wireless Internet signal spreader (Wireless Fidelity router / Wi-Fi) in the United Kingdom next week, along with loudspeakers Home.

Like Google Home, Google Wi-Fi is also released to the public for 129 pounds ($ 161) per unit. Google put up the price of 229 pounds sterling ($ 287) for two routers.

This price is much different from similar devices sold in the United States (US) worth US $ 129 for the router and $ 299 for the three units.

Google also released loudspeakers Home in the United Kingdom today, and is available starting 6 April 2017.

As Echo from Amazon, Home can answer basic questions and to function as controllers of household electronic appliances.

In contrast to the Echo, the user can ask, "Who is the president of the US?", And Google Assistant will answer.

Google Home present in Britania Raya six months after Amazon launched Echo, sold there for 149.99 pounds sterling.