Here Bixby, Assistant Smart Samsung Galaxy S8

This new feature of the most attractive of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is Bixby, Samsung's new smart assistant. This assistant is activated via a dedicated button on the left side of the phone and allows the 10 built-in applications (built-in) includes a photo gallery, message, and weather information, controlled by voice commands.

Samsung Electronics Co., said Bixby stand out from similar programs that exist in the market such as Apple's Siri Inc., Alexa creation of Amazon, Google Now owned by Google, and Cortana from Microsoft. Samsung claims Bixby "smarter" and more sensitive than its competitors. Samsung says artificial intelligence systems (artificial intelligent) or his AI is different from its competitors in terms of "completeness", "context awareness", and "cognitive tolerance".

"Bixby is an interface (interface) smart that will help users get more from their mobile phones. With the new Bixby button, you will be easy to access and navigate through applications and services with voice commands, touch and simple text commands,," Samsung said in a release at the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 in New York, Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

Samsung said Bixby is equipped with so-called AI technology "deep learning" (deep learning) that enables it to learn how to communicate better with users.

More Samsung said Bixby able to understand complex sentences and various commands from users. For example, not only can understand short voice commands to "picture", Bixby also be able to understand a sentence like "please take a photo of the newly captured and send it to someone."

The program is also able to find products online simply by taking photos of products in question. In the future, Samsung hopes Bixby command capabilities can be applied to other devices such as refrigerators and washing machines.  

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