Here's How to Distinguish Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 and Fake

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the flagship smartphone from Samsung that is included in the family line of smartphone series Galaxy S. But because the price is still quite high, lately many Samsung Galaxy S4 found false in right price a much cheaper price. in respect of that this time I will explain how to distinguish the original Samsung Galaxy S4 with a fake.
Samsung Galaxy S4

1. Note the spacing between the keys menu screen

The original Galaxy S4 smartphone has a screen size of 5 inches and there are only a tiny fraction of the distance to the screen with the menu button. While most of the fake Galaxy S4 has a considerable distance between the screen with the menu button. Additionally, the menu button on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is also noticeably more tender and soft.

2. Observe the screen display

Samsung Galaxy S4 has a super AMOLED screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels which makes it look tight and remain clear despite stricken sun rays. While the Galaxy S4 supercopy, most carrying a lower resolution so that it looks to be less dense.

3. Check and seal hologram.

As smartphones made by Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S4 has sein seal on the inside indicating that, ori stretcher phones made by Samsung. As for the Galaxy S4 fake generally still do not have a seal sein.

4. Install the application CPU Z

Another difference from the Samsung Galaxy S4 with fake ori also located on the hardware. When you use the CPU Z aplasikasi original Galaxy S4 will feature Exynos chipset with Octa Core processor. Whereas if detected using Mediatek chipset, it can be ascertained if the Galaxy S4 you have a fake.

5. Check camera capabilities

Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 13 MP main camera is guaranteed with the very maximum quality. While the Samsung Galaxy S4 fake generally use a camera with a lower resolution so that only produce a poor quality photo printing, and look abroad - random.

6. Check the capacity of ROM & RAM

As we know, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a capacity of 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. If the Galaxy S4 has a ROM and RAM is smaller than the capacity, you can bet that your Samsung Galaxy S4 fake encounter. Therefore you need to be extra careful - cautious and careful before purchasing it.
Well the latest reviews we gave this time may be useful to you. Now you can determine how "How to Distinguish Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 and False" so you do not be fooled by counterfeit goods that current spreads in the market. Always be careful not to be fooled and buy from official stores or check and carefully before buying.