HP Sprout Pro G2 - Computers Can Be Used To Scan 3D Objects

Where the computer is now already began shifting to laptops, tablets and smartphones. But computers are still widely used, especially for tasks that can not be used by smartphone or laptop.

Renowned computer manufacturer based in Palo Alto, United States ie HP (Hewlett Packard) has just made the latest product innovations. Computer named Sprout G2 HP has the capability for 3D scanner.
HP Sprout Pro G2
 This computer certainly can scan the 2D and 3D objects, and equipped with a projector, camera and stylus for scanning and manipulating objects that have been scanned. This computer is also ready with a 3D printer. So it's a good device dubbed the all-in-one stop for anyone in the field of 3D printing.

HP Sprout Pro G2 will begin its debut in CES 2017. This computer could become a mainstay in the killing HP computers and monitors from other vendors. CES 2017 itself will be held in Las Vegas United States to be held on 5-7 January 2017.

HP Sprout Pro G2 can be used for various purposes such as for researchers, students, student, retail and many more.Komputer is very user-friendly for use by the various interests.

As quoted from Cnet HP Sprout Pro G2 will now be available in March 2017. Here are the specifications of the HP Sprout Pro G2: Intel Core i7 CPU, Storage 1TB SSHD, DD4 8GB Memory, GPU Nvidia GTX 960m, operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Pro.