Launched, Samsung Galaxy S8 Can be Changed So Desktop Computers

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy phone S8 and S8 + in New York, which was broadcast live-streamed on Tuesday. One of the advantages of this new mobile phone is able to be a companion desktop computer.

Samsung provides additional tools for this phone, which DEX, short for 'Desktop Experience. "This is a dock that when closed looks like a hockey puck. The lid is shifted rearward and upward, and the phone can be the stand in it.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Dock is connected to an HD display via HDMI and to the mouse and keyboard via USB or Bluetooth. There's also an Ethernet adapter.

To start using the desktop phone, simply open the phone. This combination does not necessarily connect the Samsung TouchWiz on the big screen-but turning Android into a friendly-mouse, appears on the big screen. Tools that improve the performance of mobile-desktop relationship that, mulau resolution to the layout, it also optimizes the desktop, including the App Tray, Settings, and Notifications.

Basically, this system will work like a desktop, responding to keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl + C and right click on the mouse to access the contextual menu.

Samsung in collaboration with Adobe and Microsoft to optimize their applications for the Android version on the desktop. The entire contents of Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, can be exchanged for applications that run on the Windows desktop.

Applications for applications that are not optimized dex dock, which is quite a lot, it will still work, but down version and is not likely to be offset.
Dex dock will also support multitasking system that is already available on Samsung mobile devices.

But Dex had one trick: Windows 10. Samsung in collaboration with Citrix and VMware virtualization tools to connect to a mobile phone Galaxy S8 and S8 +. That is Dex dock can let the virtual version of Windows 10 runs while accessing Android subsystem.

During our brief demo, we see firsthand the Windows 10 desktop with Android operating system behind it. Also there is a demo of Word and Adobe's photo-editing runs in the desktop version of Android.

Unfortunately, Dex dock can only work with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +. This tool will be priced US $ 149 for the standard version and $ 159 for fast -charge base.

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