Microsoft Predicts Murder QWERTY

One input hardware that can not be left out in the computing world today is the keyboard. Although many kinds, manifold Qwerty keyboard is considered to have a lot of users are indisputable. Indeed, this keyboard is only used in the PC realm. However, in the development of the past few decades, the Blackberry has an important role in this type of keyboard emngadopsi for smart devices. As a result, this type of keyboard is very popular all over the world.
Unfortunately, for matters of technology, the popularity of its relative. Because the technologies are constantly evolving. Older technology is certainly changing with more modern technology. Apart from the novelty, modern technology always makes things more practical and it is a legacy technology that forced to disappear from the market. This appears to be a dark shadow on the future Qwerty.

As approved, Microsoft also gave a similar opinion. Microsoft predicted that the Qwerty keyboard will soon become fossilized in the future. This was stated by Chief Envisioning Officer of Microsoft, Dave Coplin who predicted that the Qwerty keyboard will be replaced with facial tracking technology, voice and body motion recognition.

According to him, the technology input in computing will completely become easier. He stated that in the future, computing input will like Tom Cruise's movie, Minority Report (2002). Is somewhat imaginary, only if it is declared by Microsoft officials is quite possible be an undisputed leaks. This is even more justified inasmuch as the starters, voice and gesture recognition technology has become fairly common. In addition, the facial tracking is also not unusual anymore in recent years.

In addition, he predicted that chatbots will be popular in the next few years. Chatbots presence will reduce the time users to simply typed conversations with the help of Artificial Intelligent. Because the future of artificial intelligence technology will record the user's activities as a material in response to the conversation. Remarkable prophecy is certainly only stay just wait on the game.  

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