Often Progress, Future PC-Based Control System Voice and Gesture

As we often encounter, this time tool type in Qwerty keyboard that is very commonly used in various devices, such as smartphones and other devices to a PC. However, it seems the more advanced developments in the digital era, predicted in the next few years this qwerty keyboard will soon become extinct and becoming obsolete.
As summarized from the written information that the Director of Envisioning Microsoft has even predicted that the keyboard layout will soon die, and are replaced with face tracking, voice (voice) and gesture recognition.

In addition, Dave Coplin also expect that the Qwerty keyboard extinct soon. Why is that?

In this case, according to him based on a summary of the same sources say why people from centuries All 21 still use the layout tool (keyboard) which was created in the 19th century. He said the development of technology has improved over the last few years, but it seems that the standard of work where rapidly evolving technology is still quite low by their use.

"Qwerty Keyboard is a great example of an old design that was brought forward to the modern day," says Dave.

He said he then added: "We have not really evolved, because we still use sub-optimal design. We're looking at current technology such as voice (voice) and gesture recognition (gesture recognition), and facial tracking (tracking faces) that can create excessive keyboard, "he added.

In his opinion, within the next few years, computers will be smarter to take action on behalf of users, and everyday computing will be to take advantage of all the members of the body (a full-body experience) like movement that featured in the film Minority Report (2002) played by Tom Cruise. It is closely related to AI-based technology that is now more incentive to be applied to a variety of devices.

Nevertheless, of course, is also a gradual transition. There would be a time because if seen, is now a qwerty keyboard is still widely used and for a transition would require a lengthy process.

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