Opera Mini Update Android features, this New Things were so Mainstay

Opera Mini add and update some of their features in Android-based devices to improve the standard of content distribution, engagement, and accessibility of the mobile browser.

"Mobile browser will become a gateway for Internet users and lately almost all users to enjoy internet content on the small screen while on the move. 

There are some of the challenges related to the availability of bandwidth, content distribution and accessibility," said Executive Vice President of Mobile Business Unit Opera Software, Nuno Sitima, in a written statement.

Opera Mini
Opera update download manager to let users easily download more video and music as well as preventing clicking pop-up ads.

When users access social media, MP3, or sites to download movies, Opera Mini will automatically scan it and provide a link to download directly, users only need to activate Extreme Mode.

Downloadable content will appear in the form of drop-down menu at the top of the screen, without having to scroll the screen.

Opera Mini now features a newsfeed powered artificial intelligence (artificial intelligent) to read the user's habits. Mobile browser will display the message according to what is often read.

Unique compression technology of Opera Mini now extended to storage features of the page so the page size that is saved will be as small as 10% of its original size. This feature ensures that users save pages that contain important content desired.

When wearing extreme mode, boost video technology will save 50 percent more data and faster to load video.