Panasonic Introduces Lithium-ion Battery That can be Bendable

Panasonic one of the world electronics company is also engaged in the field of smartphone battery has just announced that the company has developed a new product in the form of lithium-ion batteries that can be flexible or bend. The battery can be used in wearable devices (devices) or to an electronic card with a thickness of only 0.55mm.
According to Panasonic, the rechargeable battery can be bent and rotated above the existing standard Japanese as for identification cards (can be bent to a radius R40mm, can be rotated at an angle of ± 15 degrees / 85.6mm. In addition, the battery is also able to maintain its characteristics even after the bend and played repeatedly.
The same applies to the characteristics of charging and rechargeable batteries. For matters of safety, Panasonic asserts that the most flexible battery is safe to use on a device attached to the human body, including smart clothing and smart wristband device.
This newly developed battery has a laminated exterior and its internal structure is difficult to cause leaks and abnormal heating for repeatedly rotated or folded, making the battery is reliable and safe to use on devices installed in the body.
The first shipment of batteries that can be bent from Panasonic is scheduled to begin in late October 2016. The product development will continue to the final destination can be mass produced.
Panasonic is committed to making flexible batteries even leaner to be included in a variety of devices. Although lithium-ion battery of the flexible new Panasonic has a capacity of 60mAh. That means can not be used for smartphones. Two models are the smaller-capacity 17.5 mAh and 40 mAh will be shipped next month as well.
Hopefully the new technology has been applied to a larger capacity battery, so it hopes to have a smartphone that can be bent or mounted on hand will soon be realized.

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