Panasonic PT-SX320A, Portable Projector Excellence in Design and Feature Rich

PT. Datascrip bring portable projector Panasonic PT-SX320A. Projectors with a stylish design A4 paper size is compact and easy to carry. Panasonic PT-SX320A also supported a number of advanced features that make this projector maximum performance.
"Panasonic PT-SX320A provide optimal performance for corporate use as well as individuals who have a high mobility. Design projector Panasonic PT-SX320A portable and flexible to make presentations more easily and comfortably done anytime and anywhere, "said Jeremy Herman, Division Manager PT. Datascrip.
Panasonic PT-SX320A
Panasonic PT-SX320A Daylight View Basic features that provide convenience and comfort during a presentation took place in a bright room. Using ambient light sensor built-in, the projector can adjust the color levels and brightness with the light in the room.
Projector with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and a brightness level of up to 3,200 lumens this Curved Screen Correction feature so that the projections can be done on a convex or concave screen.
These projectors can also read files from USB so that the presentation material can be quickly displayed on the projector without the need to first be connected to a computer / notebook. Presentations outside the office can be practically carried out without the need to carry a notebook. The projector can display images of various types, ranging from JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF to TIFF.
Moreover, with the addition of special dongle (optional), namely ET-WML100E that attaches to the USB port of the projector, Wi-Fi functions can be activated so that the projector can be connected wirelessly with Windows-based computers as well as iOS and Android devices that have been installed with a particular application , such as Presenter Light 1.0 for Windows® PCs or VueMagic Pro.