Prevent Hacking Facebook Presents Key Token Physical

Worried someone trying to hack into your Facebook account? No longer. Because now you can lock it with a key.
Social media giant said that it will allow users to connect to their accounts via hardware tokens. When you sign in (log in) of the new browser or geographic area, you can enter a part of the token into the USB drive. It was enough to convince Facebook that you are you.
This is very much appreciated, although very uncommon, as a form of two-step verification or two-factor authentication (two-factor authentication) - security measures in which you add the extra layer of security when logging in addition to your password.
"We use the same technology to protect internal assets in Facebook," said Brad Hill, a security engineer Facebook. "We found this method convenient and very safe."
Token, which is sold commercially under the name Yubikey, Nitrokey and other brand names, is a tiny object similar flash disk that is packed with the power of cryptography. You would have trouble using the key for each account. This tool will send you only the account credentials are valid. "There is no mistake that you can make as a consumer," he said.
This update makes up as one of the largest social media service provider first to give this option to consumers. This new security system appear together when Facebook users are smart to explore various options to repel hackers from their account.
Lock your Facebook account with just a password is not the safest option. The reason is, most users use a keyword that is predictable to some accounts. Even if you use keywords that are unique and complex for any accounts that you create, you can still become a victim of hackers who steal finesse your password.
While Facebook did best steps to analyze your location and other signals before receiving your password, set the two-factor authentication (two-factor authentication) is a way of "affirmative action" to secure your account.