Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Will Not Be For Sale in America

Ahead of the launch of the Galaxy S8, Samsung delivered a statement on the company's plans to recycle the device Note 7. The company plans to sell devices that have been updated in Note 7 (refurbished), but said it would not offer it in the United States (US).

"The purpose of introducing a device that has been updated only to reduce and minimize the environmental impact," Samsung said in a written statement.

The company states the product details including name, technical specifications and the price range will be announced when the device is already available.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished
"Samsung will offer the Galaxy Note 7 that has been updated for rent and sale in the US," the company said.

Recycle it includes three parts: saving components that can be reused as a camera module and semiconductor, extract the metal components with the help of a third party and sells environmentally friendly devices that are updated whenever possible.
Samsung justify going to cooperate with local authorities and operators to sell the device is updated, which according to rumors smaller battery capacity to prevent overheating that can create a burning device according to the pages of science and technology The Verge.

The company states that the product market will be determined based on the results of their efforts to seek approval from local regulators.
Samsung's recycling plan comes after Greenpeace protesters interrupted at the Mobile World Congress last month to find out what the company will do with 4.3 million devices already withdrawn.

"The announcement by Samsung is the first step to show its efforts to create a new way to recycle smart phones began to Note 7," Greenpeace wrote in his blog.

"Greenpeace wants to ensure Samsung account the voices of millions of our supporters and confirmed its commitment."