Samsung ATIV Q - Hybrid Ultrabook With Dual OS

Maybe some people do not understand about the latest samsung tablet hybrid is the named Samsung Ativ Q which is a combination of the concept of Ultrabook and tablet. One of the advantages of a notebook belonging to the samsung is where in the tablet carrying the two operating systems namely Windows 8 and Android.  

So it is very interesting for us examine more deeply about what kind of specs and features offered by this latest samsung notebook. Below is his review.

Samsung Ativ Q is a hybrid ultrabook which in this case is a notebook that carries two operating systems at the same time the Windows OS and Android are certainly supported also by the specifications and features excellent support.  

Ativ Q has a thin body 13,9mm and weighs 1.29 kg, including the keyboard. It is much thinner and lighter than the body Ativ Smart PC Pro reaches 22mm thick and weighs 1.7 kg.
Samsung ATIV Q

One of the advantages that you'll find on the Ativ Q This is the screen you can rotate through 180 ° when the Ativ Q in laptop mode (open with the keyboard below the screen). Samsung also introduced a floating mode that is activated by turning the screen into line with the keyboard.  

So make sure if you have it in your home will be busy with a variety of cool features that are provided by the samsung ultrabook.

Samsung Ativ Q comes with carrying a touch screen that has a resolution of QHD + 3200 × 1800 pixels with a pixel density that reaches 275 pixels per inch. The resolution is even higher than the MacBook Pro Retina Display.  

Plus supported hardware specification is also well established that using an Intel Core i5 or Haswell 4th generation and the latest Intel graphics chip, HD Graphics 4400 For battery life, you can use up to 9 hours.

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