Samsung Galaxy S8 Can Serves as Remote Control

Hit by the withdrawal of 4 million units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 post burn some of his gadget, Samsung stepped forward with new product Samsung Galaxy S8. So what can the public be expected from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 on next Wednesday, March 29, 2017?

Samsung is known as an electronics manufacturer that makes all the electronic innards of a computer chip to the refrigerator. At the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung possibility to show a number of advantages thanks to technical improvements. For example, how chips made by Samsung enables a faster Internet connection for your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8
In launching the Galaxy S8, Samsung may showcase a variety of electronic product lines that are able to provide useful features in many tools and equipment-not as a product of Apple, Google or Amazon.

"Perhaps promote Samsung Galaxy S8 as a remote control (remote control) for households," said Wayne Lam, an analyst at IHS mobile electronic devices Markit.

Other analysts doubt Samsung's software in the form of voice assistant Samsung Bixby and the ability to cooperate with other companies to support Bixby. While Siri, Apple's voice assistant, has been promoting its features with a number of companies like Uber, Yelp or Dominos.

"I think Samsung will have difficulty competing in the long term with a broader digital ecosystem of Google, Amazon or Apple," said Thomas Husson, principal analyst at Forrester.

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