Samsung To Sell Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished

The tech giant Samsung Elctronics Co Ltd said it plans to sell an updated version (refurbished) from the Galaxy Note 7, which was withdrawn from the market because of a battery problem.

"Regarding the Galaxy Note 7 as the phones already updated or rental phones, the application relies on consultation with regulatory authorities and operators, as well as consideration of local market demand," Samsung said in a statement cited by Reuters.

Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished
According to the statement, the company will choose the market and launch date for Notes 7 version that has been updated according to the results of consultation with these parties.

The company also plans to restore and use or sell reusable components such as chips, camera modules and extract metals such as copper, gold, nickel and silver of Note 7 devices will not be updated to be sold again.

Companies are under pressure from environmental groups Greenpeace and others to create products that are environmentally friendly in the recovery Note 7.

Greenpeace said in a separate statement on Monday that it welcomed the decision by Samsung and ask them to run the plan in a way that can be examined.

Note 7 permanently withdrawn in October last year, about two months after the launch of a cost of nearly 900 US dollars it as more a problem call after a global recall early September.

Continued research showed production problems battery, which is supplied by two different companies, Samsung SDI Co. Ltd. and Amperex Technology Ltd.

Analysts from Samsung and independent investigators found no other problems with the device Note 7 in addition to the battery, increasing speculation that Samsung will cover part of the losses by selling Note 7 that has been updated.

Samsung, which has sold 3.06 million devices Note 7 to the consumer before pulling the phone out of the market, previously did not mention his plans to the calls that have been updated.

A person who is familiar with the matter told Reuters in January that the company considering the possibility of selling an updated version of the device that will use some parts of the phone calls that have been withdrawn.