Sensor Shaped Fruit First Fruit Still Keeping It Fresh

A new sensor-shaped fruit can help keep the freight company more fresh fruit on the way, say the researchers from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa). Sensor devices that mimic the size, shape, and composition of the original fruit is packed together with real fruit and monitor the temperature closely.

The sensors are still in the testing phase was present in varieties of oranges, apples, bananas and mangoes. The sensor will notify the company if there is a cooling problem in the way, allowing them to take action. The temperature monitoring enable fresher up in the hands of consumers.

According to a spokesman Empa Cornelia Zogg, mango, banana and oranges usually travel long distances before arriving in stores. However, not all the cargo safely to their destination. "Although the fruit is checked regularly, some of which may be damaged or even lost while traveling. This is because the monitoring still has significant scope for improvement," he said.

Exporters have a way to measure the freshness of the fruit, but the artificial sensors Empa claimed more accurate because it simulates the characteristics of the types of fruit. To make the sensor, the research team at the X-rays of native fruits and make a model of the shape and size.

Then they determine the exact composition of meat every fruit and perform simulations in the laboratory using a mixture of water, carbohydrates and synthetic rubber. The mixture is poured into molds shaped sensor, made on a 3D printer. "We hope this will help the exporters of fruit to control their sanitation protocols as well as cut the costs and time spent on logistics," says Empa project leader, Thijs defraeye. 

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