Super Mario Run was Launched for Android, iOS Updated Version

Game Super Mario Run formally launched for Android-based mobile devices starting this weekend. Along with this launch also provided an update to the iOS version. This application will now be updated to version 2.0 and includes a variety of new features such as damage repair (bug fixes), and report-reports 9to5Mac.

One of the important updates Nintendo-made game is the addition of new playable characters and a different color Yoshi. Playing with Yoshi who have a particular color on Toad Rally will also open additional frogs of the same color with Yoshi.

Super Mario Run
In addition to new characters, this update makes one to four teaching (course) is available free of charge. Teaching can be unlocked by completing a number of challenges Bowser. Further completing one to four courses provide additional teaching to Toad Rally.

These are just some of the items included in the update that will be enjoyed both iOS and Android devices. The Android version was launched in version 2.0. Similar to iOS, Android version can be downloaded for free. App purchase for 10 dollars will unlock all levels of the game.

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