This is the First Gaming Notebook with AMD Polaris

AMD processors are famous for presenting the latest high-performance technology to meet the needs of gamers in the activities of work and play. This time AMD collaborated with ASUS to present its newest gaming notebook, the Asus X550IU powered by Mobile AMD APU and the 7th generation AMD Radeon graphics card with Polaris architecture.

The device is equipped with a chip Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) ranks highest grade of AMD APU Mobile Generation AMD APU-7 the FX-9830P which has a clock speed of 3.0 GHz to 3.7GHz with a TDP of 35 watts, notebook amplified by the RX 460 Radeon graphics card architecture Polaris.

Polaris architecture reinforced various interesting features and designed using 14nm FinFET technology that brings a variety of stunning improvements in the performance of a PC and efficiency. The attractive feature in Radeon ™ RX 460 is designed for gamers who want to play games HD clear, amazingly smooth display when streaming with HD resolution above.

ASUS X550IU a gaming notebook value for money offered by ASUS to consumers in Indonesia who intend to have a gaming notebook, but is constrained by budget. Nevertheless ability in graphics processing, resulting in a high frame-rate and process images with smooth, can not be dismissed due to its features are outstanding.

Measured by the speed of its clock speed, AMD APU FX-9830P with 2MB of cache is already highly qualified in terms of performance and multi-tasking. To support the performance of the processor, ASUS provides 8GB of RAM which can be expanded up to 16GB. The RAM is a type of DDR4 2133MHz which offers much better performance with more efficient power consumption.

In terms of graphics, the ASUS X550IU using AMD Radeon graphics Polaris RX 460 has 4GB GDDR5 VRAM-based. AMD Radeon RX 460 on a X550IU ASUS notebook graphics card Radeon RX 460 version Desktop with its TDP is diminished, so the performance is very similar to the desktop version.

The graphics card is a GPU with Graphic Core Next architecture of the fourth generation with 14 pieces compute units and 896 stream processors. Speed at 1.090MHz its own standards and can be upgraded up to 1.200MHz. And at the maximum speed, it is able to process up to 2.2 Tera floating-point operations per second.

This notebook is designed for entertainment and multi-tasking work everyday users who are smart and practical, ASUS X550IU also change the standard of mainstream notebooks. By finishing spun-circle and palmrest area by the typical pattern, this notebook offers an impression of elegance and intelligent for everyday computing devices.

The body is thin, ie 5 percent thinner than the previous generation X series notebook, is equipped with a large touchpad area. Not only free, this touchpad also features multi-touch input and Smart Gesture to allow users to perform a variety of activities without the help of the mouse. Not only that, IceCool Technology features also make the palm rest area stays cool.

Devices that have a 15.6-inch screen and full HD resolution, is also deliberately designed with a body that is light enough that 2,45Kg. The goal, for gamers who like to bet nomadic aka itinerant, can use this device with dynamic anytime, anywhere.

Besides about specifications, there are other features that can maximize the experience of playing along with a storage capacity of 1TB notebook. Among other things, support Freesync, DirectX12 and AMD Advanced Power Management (APM) which can be set according to the needs of the processor, so as to complete the tasks with high power efficiency and battery life is durable.

While Freesync is a feature to obviate tearing, stuttering and lag, which may occur in the game, due to the level of refresh rate that is not in rhythm between the screen and the GPU. Then the most interesting is the presence of a low-overhead API DirectX12 capable of utilizing multi-core CPU is better gamers can take advantage of features that have been provided AMD as Multi-Threaded Command Buffers, Async Shaders, up Explicit Multiadapter where all three of these features can boost performance of AMD graphics chip.

For the pengggemar your high-resolution multimedia content, can take advantage of a technology called HEVC support, allowing users to enjoy the latest multimedia experience with a resolution of 4K Ultra HD video reaches seamlessly. Notebook ASUS X550IU priced at $ 711.

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