Twitter Immediate Service Offer Premium Paid

Twitter Inc consider creating a premium version of Tweetdeck to see her. They are targeting professional users with the possibility to be free of charge, as reported by Reuters page.

Like the other social media company, since its inception 11 years ago, Twitter will focus on building a free service with advertising support.

Last month, there were 319 million Twitter users worldwide.

Subscription rates may be applied for TweetDeck version, the interface that helps users navigate Twitter.

Twitter is holding a survey to "see interest in the latest version of Tweetdeck", said a spokesman for Brielle Villablanca, through an official statement.

"We regularly conduct user research to gather feedback about the experience of people using Twitter and to the needs of our investment decisions. We are exploring several ways to make Tweetdeck more useful for professionals," he said.

There is no explanation that says Twitter will attract a fee of all users.

Leaks about the survey came as a journalist associated with the New York Times to upload screenshots to see what version of Tweetdeck.

Versions that may include "more useful tools to help the marketing department, journalists, and other professionals to find out what in the world is faster," according to one of the screenshots uploaded @andrewtavani.

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