Windows 10 Finally Updated, Virtual Trackpad was Added

Once expected to attend in March 2016, now finally Microsoft provides latest updates on Windows 10. While it is still reluctant to provide detailed information but the company still has a pleasant enough information for users. Kria about what is pulling the latest updates on Windows 10's?

Related to this, in the update, Microsoft reportedly will also provide new capabilities in the Windows 10 operating system hers. It is known in their trial version to Windows Insider where the company has added feature called Virtual Trackpad. A high-tech features that will greatly assist users in the process operations of a PC.

On the other hand, according to a report from The Verge reported on Thursday, said also that the presence of such updates Virtual Trackpad features, it is known will serve as the means to control and manage external monitor controlled by talet. 

Windows 10
Interestingly, these controls will not be using a connection to the mouse. Thus, I wonder if this update is to be one of the main attraction for the user's Windows 10 operating system.

Feature called Virtual Trackpad will be allocated on the taskbar which will be equipped with left and right click option. Thus, these features can be used via sisem device that has a touch screen (touch screen).
By knowing the updates in Windows 10, to be sure users will be interested in the feature updates. Thus, Microsoft updates that have been made will not be in vain. In addition, with these updates, the role of Microsoft through the Windows 10 software greatness world would certainly be a plus for the Micorosft doer manufacturers.